Personality test
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The Cult of Personality Assessments

Someone give that woman a special test. Call To Brilliant Minds Here’s a question: How did we function before we had a rubric for everything?…

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Board Room
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Dr. Methuselah & The Annual Night of the Living Dead

From my Laugh Cafe Collection, 2014 Robert’s Rules Of Disorder (Erma Bombeck Invades The Board Room) When I managed medical groups, my humor imp (Erma)…

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Twisted Humor Runs In Families

From my Lockdown Chronicles Collection, March 2020 A Daily Dose It’s nice to have friends who still have a sense of humor in these trying…

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Map of Boston
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A New Take On a Boston Accent

From The Laugh Cafe Collection, 2017 Be Careful. Be Very, Very Careful. People who live in non-rhotic northeastern states not only drop their ‘r’s,’ but…

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White Couch in comfortable living room
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Mind if I Come In and Sit On Your Couch? (Pet Humor)

It’s Happening All Around The Globe In Defense of Civility and Decorum Disclaimer: Before I get started, I want to convey that this is satire…

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Man holding his face after being slapped in face
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Some People Wouldn’t Know Humor if It Slapped Them in the Face

There may be a good reason why your reader doesn’t laugh. Humor Me, Please Perhaps I need to press the pause button before I jump to conclusions…

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Woman standing by drive0thru signing looking shocked and surprised
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I’ll Take a Fish Sandwich, a Diet Coke & a Defibrillator, Please

Beware folks! The drive-thru can be a shocking experience. Perception is Everything It’s a good thing I don’t have Long Q-T Syndrome. Here’s why. I…

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attorney standing on front of bookshelves with arms crossed
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My Tongue-In-Cheek Legal Disclaimer

Affidavit … after David … whatever. The Fine Print This is one of many places I post my non-fiction ramblings (i.e., opinionated content), written and…

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Stevie Ray Vaughan Attended Our Staff Meetings

Please note that in the minutes. Tea Time I suppose I’m far enough out from my illustrious career to spill some tea and admit a…

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Female Gunslinger
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Enter, Guns A Blazing

Mary Poppins, The Unassuming Gunslinger I used to work as a gunslinger. No, silly, not that kind of gunslinger. I made my living as a…

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