Personality test
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The Cult of Personality Assessments

Someone give that woman a special test. Call To Brilliant Minds Here’s a question: How did we function before we had a rubric for everything?…

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Stevie Ray Vaughan Attended Our Staff Meetings

Please note that in the minutes. Tea Time I suppose I’m far enough out from my illustrious career to spill some tea and admit a…

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Fetus Interviewer
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That’s It, I Refuse To Be Interviewed By Another Fetus

Job interviews and other idiot encounters. Survival Skills Required We’re in unprecedented times, so having a healthy sense of humor and an extra helping of self-control…

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Naive Little Girl with Pig Tails ho looks like she's saying 'Oops"
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Um, You Need To Tuck That Back In — Your Humor Is Showing

I Guess My Choice of Career Was Laughable Afflicted From The Start My humor imp first showed itself very early in my career. Seeing as…

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Woman Holding Money in her hands
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Humor Might Get You That Pay Raise, Right Mary?

Back Before Dirt One of my first roles was as a Business Manager in an OB/GYN medical group in my early career. Not long after I…

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