Personality test
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The Cult of Personality Assessments

Someone give that woman a special test. Call To Brilliant Minds Here’s a question: How did we function before we had a rubric for everything?…

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Man holding his face after being slapped in face
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Some People Wouldn’t Know Humor if It Slapped Them in the Face

There may be a good reason why your reader doesn’t laugh. Humor Me, Please Perhaps I need to press the pause button before I jump to conclusions…

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The letters PHD sitting on backlit computer keyboard
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Piled Higher & Deeper

Disclaimer & Satire Warning! What you are about to read is in no way intended to be offensive to bona fide PhDs who busted their…

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Empty store shelves
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There’s Humor in a Lockdown If You Look For It

Captains Log, Star Date: The Ides Of March 2020 Say What? Overall, I’ve remained pretty low-key during the mass hysteria and panic buying surrounding the…

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Female judge sitting at the bench with glasses in her hand
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Where’s Waldo? I’ll See You in Court  —  or Not

Getting divorced alone is a stone cold trip. Have you ever known anyone who got a divorce from a runaway spouse on the grounds of…

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