Board Room
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Dr. Methuselah & The Annual Night of the Living Dead

From my 2014 Laugh Cafe Collection Robert’s Rules Of Disorder (Erma Bombeck Invades The Board Room) When I managed medical groups, my humor imp (Erma)…

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Stevie Ray Vaughan Attended Our Staff Meetings

Please note that in the minutes. Tea Time I suppose I’m far enough out from my illustrious career to spill some tea and admit a…

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Female Gunslinger
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Enter, Guns A Blazing

Mary Poppins, The Unassuming Gunslinger I used to work as a gunslinger. No, silly, not that kind of gunslinger. I made my living as a…

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Naive Little Girl with Pig Tails ho looks like she's saying 'Oops"
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Um, You Need To Tuck That Back In — Your Humor Is Showing

Written in 2013 Afflicted From The Start My humor imp first showed itself very early in life. Seeing as we’re all friends here, I’ll be…

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Woman posing in her laundry room
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I’m a Really Big Deal Don’tcha Know

My new role doesn’t pay six figures, but the entertainment is priceless Like My New Digs? My laundry room is a happening place — it’s nigh Nirvana…

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