Four Words That Left Me Speechless

RetroPicture of woman looking shocked
From my Laugh Cafe Collection, 2014

Oh. No. She. Didn’t!

Retro Days

Back in the day (circa 2001), I managed a Cardiology practice in the Pacific Northwest. This was before electronic medical records were fully-implemented in all medical groups.

Our office was one that was still using paper charts. Like most busy practices, we had a chart-room full of overflowing baskets of un-filed lab reports and dictation.

One Wednesday, when the doctors were out of the office for an annual meeting, we decided to get caught up. I scheduled a ‘casual workday’ and we all decided to help our file clerk. I allowed everyone to forego scrubs and wear their jeans and sneakers.

Digging In

We locked the doors turned the phones over to the answering service. I ordered pizza for everyone.

As with most practices, the offices played a local soft rock station overhead. As we busied ourselves filing papers, folks were singing along with the classics.

Before cutting to a commercial, the deejay announced my favorite song of all time was up next: ‘Against The Wind’ by Bob Seger.

Unable to contain my excitement, I rushed to the middle of the floor and made a gleeful announcement. All work would have to come to a stop for a respectful ‘moment of silence’. After all, they were about to play Bob Seger!

Wait For It

My favorite part of the song is the beautiful piano solo. There’s just something about it that I find so soothing and enjoyable.

When the piano part was about to begin, I said, “Shhhhhh! Everyone be quiet. It’s Bob Seger!” I then turned my head toward the overhead speakers and closed my eyes in anticipation.

Soon, I was drinking in the beauty of the piano interlude.

A tiny voice from the other side of the chart rack startled me out of the moment.

Our sweet 18-year-old receptionist answered back over her stack of charts. “Okay, but who is Bob Seger?”

Facing the Music

That’s when the earth stood still —the day I knew I’d officially become a dinosaur. Yes, indeed. I had become fossilized and was now making my way over the hill in the proverbial hand basket.

And dare I say it?…. Against the wind.

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