I’m a Really Big Deal Don’tcha Know

Woman posing in her laundry room
From my Carside Commentaries Collection, written in 2015

My new role doesn’t pay six figures, but the entertainment is priceless.

Like My New Digs?

My laundry room is a happening place — it’s nigh Nirvana if I say so myself. This ordinary-looking ten by 12-foot space is at the forefront of everything fashionable and exciting. It comes complete with a cohort of crazies — constantly cooking up the comedy — all without leaving my house!

It’s Not Bragging if it’s True

Pardon me while I boast a moment. Although I’m no longer working for a paycheck — I’m still a pretty big deal. I still have an irrevocable ‘sphere of influence’ (SOI). I’ve simply changed office space.

It’s an entirely new epoch for me.

When I made my living in health care management, I locked my humor in a strong box for employment purposes. Freed from that mess, today I am anything but serious.

I mean, really, how serious can one be conducting meetings in a bathrobe and fuzzy slippers?

When I worked, my top priority was spinning plates and doing management alchemy to ensure a good P&L. My focus nowadays (second only to obtaining my morning coffee fix) is finding an outlet for my creativity and humor at some point during the day.

Pffft! Who cares that my domain is no longer a 15,000-square-foot medical office with 70 employees? Who cares that the budget I oversee is no longer $16M a year? I find it a lot easier — and a lot less stressful — only being responsible for the state of laundry and my retirement check.

A Brand New Team

I only have a handful of people for whom I am responsible these days. Right-sizing fosters a more creative team.

Besides, working in small groups is much cozier. We get to know one another on a much more personal level. Board meetings are much more fun and informal.

We Believe in Diversity

I recently recruited a real go-getter from the investment banking world; his name is Gain.

We have a pastoral care team member whose name is Purex. He keeps us on the straight and narrow.

Then there’s our crazy group of GenX, Y, and Z’ers. They constantly take it to the limit, adding so much entertainment to the day. I never know what these live wires are going to spring on me next! Their names are Fab, Tide, Surf, Bounce, and Cheer.

With all that energy, things can get out of hand quickly. The young ones bounce around like water beads and oil in a skillet, so things need to be tamped down occasionally.

That’s where our resident crowd control specialist Arm & Hammer comes into play. He quickly brings things back in check.

Everyone on the team is wonderfully different — and I love them ‘All.’

Looking inside a dryer full of wet clothes about to be started.©Lars Hallstrom from Getty Images via Canva.com

Pull Up A Chair While I Start The Dryer

I sincerely hope you’ll stop by and hang out with me now and then. I’d love to tell you all about my latest obsession — clean and neatly folded (!) laundry.

My love of laundry is second only to my quest to maintain an uber-organized home.

Sigh. Nothing can top the dopamine rush of opening the pantry doors to find everything segregated by food group, can size, label color, and expiration date.

In contrast to managing a doctor’s office where things are never done, I am pleased to be finding a sense of closure every day. At night, I can smile as I flip off my slippers and slide into bed — knowing that all is well with The Universe.

How could it not be? The laundry is done, and everything is in its place!

You may think I’m jesting, but I know one thing for certain. It sure beats working a real job and having to pretend to be an adult all day.





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