Aerial view of sailboat gliding across crystal clear aqua water
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Sail Away With Me to The Someday Isles (Life Humor)

It’s not out of the realm of possibility. The Elusive ‘Someday’ Someday housemates and children might stop turning a blind eye to their shoes and…

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Young woman shocked looking at her online bank statement
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Pardon Me While I Wax Sentimental Over My Empty Bank Account

Swindled by an ex? Mourning your empty bank account? Read on. I’m Not The First & I Won’t Be The Last It’s not uncommon for…

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Female judge sitting at the bench with glasses in her hand
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Where’s Waldo? I’ll See You in Court  —  or Not

Getting divorced alone is a stone cold trip. Have you ever known anyone who got a divorce from a runaway spouse on the grounds of…

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