Sail Away With Me to The Someday Isles (Life Humor)

Aerial view of sailboat gliding across crystal clear aqua water
From My Laugh Cafe Collection, written in 2018

It’s not out of the realm of possibility.

The Elusive ‘Someday’

Someday, housemates and children might stop ignoring their shoes and other items left sitting for them in plain view on the stairs.

Yes, someday, these visually impaired creatures living in your home might take notice and take their belongings to their rooms as they go.

Someday, Moms everywhere may finally rebel and stop ‘just doing it’ for everyone in the household. Someday, Moms will find the courage to leave that pile of stuff right where everyone left it until the offenders trip over it themselves.

Someday, entitled ‘consumers’ will miraculously become conscientious household ‘contributors,’ mending their ways and learning long-overdue life lessons.

Indeed … just like that unexpected someday when a flaming meteor will crash through your roof and land in the middle of your dining room table during dinner.

Since I’ve Ventured This Far, I’ll Keep Going.

Mom, someday, you might wake up, and the fairies will have done a deep cleaning of your entire house - including the oven and all the windows.

Dad, someday you might wake up, and a thoughtful neighborhood teen will have mowed your lawn. Hold onto your hat here, Pops. Even more shocking  will be that the teen might turn out to be the one who’s been eating you out of house and home.

Mom, someday, all your family members might begin giving you dirty clothes to wash –with those clothes turned right side out.

Someday, those wanna-be basketball stars who live with you might actually hit the laundry basket after doing their dramatic half-court pitch from across the room.

And lastly … there may even come a someday when sleepy humans with XX chromosomes will never again be heard vowing to kill someone in the middle of the night after stumbling into a dark bathroom to discover (too late) that a toilet seat had been left up.

Okay, I may have taken it too far with that last one, but as I always say:

~ Sometimes, you gotta laugh. 


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