Board Room
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Dr. Methuselah & The Annual Night of the Living Dead

From my Laugh Cafe Collection, 2014 Robert’s Rules Of Disorder (Erma Bombeck Invades The Board Room) When I managed medical groups, my humor imp (Erma)…

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attorney standing on front of bookshelves with arms crossed
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My Tongue-In-Cheek Legal Disclaimer

Affidavit … after David … whatever. The Fine Print This is one of many places I post my non-fiction ramblings (i.e., opinionated content), written and…

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Female Gunslinger
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Enter, Guns A Blazing

Mary Poppins, The Unassuming Gunslinger I used to work as a gunslinger. No, silly, not that kind of gunslinger. I made my living as a…

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Fetus Interviewer
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That’s It, I Refuse To Be Interviewed By Another Fetus

Job interviews and other idiot encounters. Survival Skills Required We’re in unprecedented times, so having a healthy sense of humor and an extra helping of self-control…

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RetroPicture of woman looking shocked
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Four Words That Left Me Speechless

From my Laugh Cafe Collection, 2014 Oh. No. She. Didn’t! Retro Days Back in the day (circa 2001), I managed a Cardiology practice in the…

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The letters PHD sitting on backlit computer keyboard
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Piled Higher & Deeper

Disclaimer & Satire Warning! What you are about to read is in no way intended to be offensive to bona fide PhDs who busted their…

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Writer hiding under her deak
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Sending Writers Running for Cover

Who Died and Left You In Charge? Disclaimer: This article does not reflect the views or opinions of the owners, management, shareholders, janitors, editorial staff,…

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Female judge sitting at the bench with glasses in her hand
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Where’s Waldo? I’ll See You in Court  —  or Not

Getting divorced alone is a stone cold trip. Have you ever known anyone who got a divorce from a runaway spouse on the grounds of…

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